The Murphy-Alfred Mirror/Twin Law that rules all worlds:(un)Serendipity goes with the (in)Efficient!

The Forgotten Child

Bayze was founded for all children. So we included 25% to all (forgotten) children, also the ones IN the adults. Two (2, 1P+1W) dreams for each child / adult, a safe home and the Exodus app!

There is only one solution for all(ah!) and that is:


Want to Trade? You the Peace, Health, Prosperity and TIME and I, Alfred J.Bollebakker, the money to build the VOC 2.0 for the Multi World Bank IBAN:Bayze Enterprise NL17INGB 0006 1096 47 and deals are unbreakable!

Don't let Heisenberg fool you !

A scientific article about the Blue Swan App will come in october 2016

Alfred J.Bollebakker

Alias Captain Chaos

email: Alfred.Bollebakker@Bayze.International

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