The Silver Surfer leading Captain Chaos to worlds in distress

Bayze Enterprise, beaming down 3000 World Trade Ports & Mcities around the world for fast trade and entertainment

Made possible by the 6 under-neath and the HOLY past!! Don't judge the past but analyse and learn from it for the future and your dream(s).

Download if you like it as a trade. You this know-ledge, we the money for the WTP's ->

Solution 5A!

The Beast Pack is also on Soundcloud

Money is not the solution...Blue Sky Efficiency is = Caring about the world and  yourself = Balance! 

Solution 1

Santa Claus

Goes International

For all kids

And of course with Black Pete his partner...  they KNOW what co-operation is!!

Goal within 3 years or earlier:

Every child below 16 in the world will get a present on the 6th of December

Solution 4+5A

Super Fast

Management &

trading / barter systems

with the Generator and

The World Trade Ports

Article about real time planning using

The GeneratorsĀ®

The WTP is like the VOC (the Dutch East Indie Company) which represents the bygone Golden Age. The golden 21st century lies ahead of us with the WTP's.

Article : A day dream becomes reality after 54 years. So don't give up so soon:)

The first 3 gates in Afghanistan are opened ( Kabul, Herat & Kunduz ) in 2013 by Sayed Ahmat Sadat and  Khalil Wedad. A small step for Afganistan but a big step for mankind.

Dream is: Afghanistan as trade center between Europe and Asia and revival of the silk route.

Solution 2

The Bikini Triangle

Trainable "magic"

that impacts like a nuke

For all grown ups

"Magic"( from 27-dec-14 onwards it is a tool ! ) made easy and trainable for each person. Give yourself a present has never been easier. Help, if needed,  will be given by the Blue Swan Girls. The Devilish Queens Michelle, Mellissa and Shirley

Goal within 3 years or earlier:

Every grown up knows how to use the Bikini Triangle & Exodus app to let appear whatever they want ( at the cost of nothing of course! )

Forget the Bermuda Triangle!

Who is afraid of the Bikini ! ( -triangle )

Solution 5B

Music & Entertainment

for All !

You are not on earth only for working but also for pleasure and to entertain yourself. The entertainment industry must have a big boost

Article : Following your personnel passion or dream  is good for your health and focus. But don't forget the world. Do it in an efficient way.

Solution 3

The Blue Swan Girls

These bold and devilish girls will spread the Blue Swan Efficiency around the world for an Exodus to Paradise!

Blue Swan Efficiency in 3 steps:

1 Have two goals: one goal aimed at the

   world (your work) and one goal just for

   you (your dream).

2 Be that person who always says yes.

3 Reach your goals at the expense of nothing.

Goal within 3 years or earlier:

Every grown up will know what Blue Efficiency means and what effect it has on what the person wants via the Bikini Triangle and Exodus app

  Article about The Blue Swan Theory

Solution 6

All beliefs and science

are One!

This conclusion is derived out of the Bikini-Triangle which was not possible without it's basis ( Jesus, Muhammad and Buddha ) + the holy past ( because I did never judge it )!

Is Peace & Prosperity possible in this troubled world? Surely it is! This year we have a different X-mas, a happy one for all.

Go to the World Plan

There is only One solution to get Peace and Prosperity for all and that is the

Blue Sky Index

to boost up innovation, economy, trade and enlightment!

Goal: Peace and Prosperity for all within 3 years...end of 2024

Sadat, The Lion of Afghanistan, teaching the Blue Swan Theory in Kabul in november 2014

Photo by Mellissa Beekers in Prinsenbeek, 9th of March 2015 The Netherlands.

The Beast Car made  to wake up the world. To let the Blind see, to let the Deaf hear, to let the Numb feel.

Photo by Mellissa Beekers in Etten-Leur, The Netherlands.

In this Glenn, the Beast has thrown away the upper half of Jesus in the year 2000. All the ducks had flown away.

Photo by Mellissa Beekers between Etten-Leur and Prinsenbeek, 9th of March 2015 The Netherlands.